Hahnemann Healing is a form of emotional healing brought forward from Ancient Egypt; it is the only form of healing of its kind in the world today.

Healing energy is directed through the practitioner by gentle finger touch on specific points of the body with the aim to clear emotional blockages stored in the body.

Healings takes about 45 mins for an investment of $75. It is advised to commit to 3 sessions so you can fully benefit from the deep emotional release.

Benefit from having an appointment by contacting Deanne 0413 316 079 or deanne32@bigpond.com

To find out more about Hahnemann Healing go to www.hahnemannhealing.com


Concomitant Healing, a modality which heals physical injuries or ailments rapidly by healing the points in the body affected by the injured or damaged part of the body.  A hands on healing modality applying force to very precise points on the body with either the thumb or the  index finger. Concomitant can only be carried out by those with either training or an ability to access their healing guide.

Deanne has helped me greatly through Hahnemann Healing.  My foggy head cleared and I have fewer occurrences of headaches which is a bonus. – Donna